Vastex Pro Entry Shop III Package

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Vastex Pro Entry Shop III

This package comes with a free-standing V-1000 6 Colour 4 Station press, which comes standard with micro registration knobs for precise prints. The conveyor dryer also gets upgraded to the larger LittleRed X1-30, which features a wider 30" belt for faster production speeds. The exposure unit in this package also gets an upgrade from uv fluorescent bulbs to ultra fast and long lasting LED bulbs. Some assembly required.

Standard V-1000 Package Features:

  • All V-1000 Printers include a 3 year warranty.
  • Entry level presses standard with wrench free micro registration and all heads down.
  • Dryers and flashes all include 15 year warranty on heating element.
  • Dryers have adjustable temperature, belt speed and heater height.

What's Included:

  • V-1000 6 Color 4 Station (Free-Standing)
  • E-200 Vacuum LED Exposure Unit (21" x 28")
  • F-1000 Infrared Flash Cure Unit (18" x 18")
  • LittleRed X1-30 Infrared Conveyor Dryer (30" x 4')

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