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Green Galaxy Waterbased Opaque Core Gallon

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Green Galaxy™ Opaque Core Base is a water based mixing base that adds opacity, body, and wash-fastness to pigment or Pantone® mixed water based ink. By adding 20% Opaque Core to Clear Core Base and then adding your color pigment, you can thicken your ink, allowing for easier overprinting on Comet White. If printing directly onto light fabrics, Opaque Core also helps the ink stay on top of the fibers of the shirt instead of sitting in the fibers of the shirt. This will help the water based ink appear to wash better over time and also gives much more of a plastisol or bold look to the print vs. a distressed or washed water based look.

Printing on dark garments? Underprint using Comet White and overprint using Clear Core + 20% Opaque Core + pigment color in order to add body and opacity to your overprint.

General Information:

Opaque Core can be mixed with Clear Core Base at a ratio of 20-50%. The more Opaque Core that is mixed into the base the thicker the ink will become. We recommend starting with a mixing ratio base of 80% Clear Core and 20% Opaque Core and then adding your water based pigment to that mixture.


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