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Green Galaxy Waterbased Comet White Quart

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Comet White by Green Galaxy is the first Phthalate and PVC free water based ink that performs like plastisol, but feels like water based ink. Light, creamy and easy to use Comet White stays wet in the screen during printing longer than any other water based white we have tested. With the ability to print through mesh sizes ranging from 110-305, Comet White not only prints great it feels amazing on the shirt. With an extremely soft hand, bright and crisp look and flexible nature.


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Mike 20th Jun 2020

Green Galaxy Comet White Ink

Very effective water based ink. Distributes very evenly due its high viscosity - it has an almost sticky texture. High opacity, very good absorbency and dispersal in fibres but prints solid. Surprisingly good results even on dark fabrics. Clean up very easily. Very happy with this product.

Mike 13th Jul 2019

Green Galaxy Comet White

Great water based ink. Product says to cure for 3 minutes, but I’ve cured it for only 60 seconds with a heat gun and have had no issues with washout. The ink stretches when cured with no cracking at all, and it cleans up quite easily off my screens an squeegees. Only think to keep in mind is that the white is very thick, so stir it vigorously before using for best results.

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