UV LED Exposure Light

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Our UV Screen Exposure Light is a great way to expose emulsion for an economical price.

Tech Specs:

  • Electrical: 110v 50W
  • UV Wave Length: 390-400nm

To Expose A Screen:

  1. Source a piece of glass to place your screen and film positive on.
  2. In a light safe environment center the light directly below the middle of the screen at a distance of 12-15 inches. Note: The further your bulb is, the longer your exposure time, and the more coverage to the screen. The closer your bulb is, the shorter your exposure time, but the more direct your light source is to the center of the screen. For larger screens use a higher distance and increase exposure time.
  3. Place opaque black transparency reverse onto shirt side of screen and tape to screen. If your transparency is not opaque your screen will not expose as well.
  4. You can add a weight to the top of your screen to increase the positive pressure between the screen and the glas. This is optional but will increase the detail gained during exposure.
  5. Recommended exposure times:
    ChromaTech PL: 20 seconds
    UDC HV:
  6. Expose screen to recommended time in a light safe environment. Screen exposure times may vary based on distance of bulb from screen, type of glass used and thickness of emulsion coating. Note: Ensure your screen is bone dry before exposing, we recommend drying and exposing in a room under 40% humidity. The more emulsion your screen has, the longer your exposure times will be. Increase exposure for lower mesh counts.
  7. Washout your screen in a light safe environment.

Exposure Tips:

  • If your image does not expose or washout properly.
  • First ensure you are in a light safe environment.
  • Ensure your screen is coated with a thin coat of emulsion and allowed to dry so it is smooth to the touch. If your emulsion is tacky you need to either coat it with less emulsion or dry it for a longer period of time. You can use a clean fan or dehumidifier to speed up the drying process.
  • Ensure your film positive is dark.
  • Ensure your screen has positive contact between the film positive and the screen mesh. Add a sheet of glass or foam on top of the screen with a weight to increase positive contact.
  • If your screen exposes but is slimy, increase exposure time by 1 minute and try again.

UV Light Notice :

This bulb emits UV Light. Eye protection should be used during this process. Always use proper precautions to be safe. Prolonged exposure directly to eyes or skin will cause damage. Keep out of reach of children.


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