Pre-burned Screen 23"x31" 160 Mesh

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Our 23"x31" pre-burned screens have a 13"x18" maximum image area. If a larger image is needed, please view our 23"X31" screens.

The emulsion we use on our pre-burned screens works with plastisol, water based, and discharge inks. Our top of the line film positives and exposure units ensure crisp image with maximum detail and clarity.

You can place multiple images on one screen. If properly cared for your stencil will last through thousands of prints.

Screens take 3-5 working days to prepare before shipping.

Artwork Requirements:

The quality of your burned screen can only be as crisp as the artwork that is provided. Please provide crisp vector artwork following the instructions below.

Your artwork should be:-Black and white (Black being the design you want to print)
-Artwork should be at the size you want to print
-Text should be rasterized or converted to curves

After placing your order please attach your file to a email to include dimensions of your design in the email so we can verify that the artwork is the correct size.

Acceptable formats:

.ai (Adobe illustrator)
.eps (Encapsulated postscript)
.pdf (Portable document format)
.cdr (Corel Draw)

If you are doing multiple colours you will need to order a pre-burned screen for each colour. Provide each colour in the file on a seperate layer.

Not sure which mesh count to choose?

110: Great for printing with thicker inks, and allows for brighter prints on dark fabrics since the larger holes allow for more ink to pass through. The most common mesh for printing with white ink. But be aware of it's low detail.

160: Our most popular screen and probably most versatile mesh count. The 160 mesh offers great ink coverage while still being able to hold medium to high detail.

200: Dealing with higher detail but still printing with lighter inks on dark fabric? The 200 is a great mid ground between low and high mesh. It will hold your higher detail images while still giving enough ink to get a bright print.

250:So now we are getting into the particularly fine detail meshes. Again, great for paper, the 280 mesh can get most extra fine detail images spot on.  Remember though that with smaller holes water based inks will dry and clog faster, so add some retarder to keep your sanity!


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