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Plasticharge White Quart

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General Information

Plasticharge Additive makes it easy to print bright, colorful, soft-hand prints on discharge-dyed garments by transforming selected Union Ink plastisol inks into discharge inks. A unique feature of Plasticharge prints is that they are water absorbent.).


Use only stencils made with water-resistant emulsions.

Using Plasticharge Additive

Step 1. Mix equal parts Plasticharge Additive and a suitable Union Ink plastisol ink. Stir until the ink and Plasticharge are completely mixed. Do not use mixing speeds that are high enough to heat the ink. Mix only enough for a few days production.

Step 2. Add 6% ZFS Discharge Agent (DSPP-9ZFS) before printing. Mix until completely dissolved. Once the discharge agent is added, the ink has a pot life of 24 hours.

Printing Instructions

Force the ink well into the substrate with heavy squeegee pressure. Print wet-on-wet without flash curing. The color values of the inks will appear after curing. Mist the screen occasionally with water to maintain the ink viscosity during long printing runs.


Plastisols mixed with Plasticharge Additive are water-reducible.

Curing Instructions

Cure for a minimum of 90 seconds at 320º F (160º C) to activate the discharge reaction and produce a washable print. Evaporating the water too quickly will stop the discharge reaction and result in dull colors.


Plastisols mixed with Plasticharge Additive may be cleaned up with water.

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Union Ink manufactures Plasticharge White (DSPCH-1000), a plastisol ink with Plasticharge Additive pre-mixed for your convenience. Plasticharge White is the ultimate ink for soft-hand underbase prints.


Not all garments are dyed with dischargeable dyes. The printer must test inks containing Plasticharge on the garment before using it in production to determine if the dyes in that garment will discharge. Plasticharge Additive is recommended for use only with selected Union Ink plastisols. Plasticharge Additive may affect the color of some plastisol inks. Reds and magentas are especially prone to this.

It is the printer’s responsibility to test inks containing Plasticharge to determine their fitness for use with the ink, garments, and printing conditions in his or her plant. The washfastness and color fidelity of the resulting print depends entirely on the plastisol ink and garment used, and printing and curing conditions. We recommend that garments printed with Plasticharge be washed before wearing.



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