CCI Waterbased Color Matching System Kit

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The Colour Matching System is a water based color mixing system for brilliant and correct color matches. Using the formula guide found here and 14 CMS pigments you can mix up your own ink matching the pantone system of colors. When the pigments are combined with W-Base the results are bright vivid colors with a soft feel for printing on 100% cotton.

This kit includes a gallon of w-base and 8oz containers of the 14 pigments used in the mixing system.


The CMS system is based on a 10% pigment in the formula. Use a PMS mixing color guide or the CCI color management software. Mix 10% pigment to 90% base. Do not over concentrate the pigment any more than 30% by weight or curing problems will result.

Curing Rate: 320 degrees (160 C)Maximum Pigment Load: Do not exceed 30%
Finish: matte
Bleed resistance: None
Mesh: 86 to 300
Thinner: Water
Material: 100% Cotton
Material Colors: Lights or darks (Discharge on darks to get more vibrant colors)


The formula guide can be found at:

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Mike 20th Jun 2020

CCI Waterbased Colour Matching System Kit

This is a great kit for dialing in Pantone colours or colour matching specific hues from samples. The online tool works fairly well to match Pantone. Although it has a limited number of colour codes it can generate recipes for, it has more than enough to make starting points to tweak your own variation. The kit includes all the pigments necessary to make your own recipes for process colour mixes or whichever other colour mixing system you prefer. If you want to make smaller batches it's best to have a scale that will measure fractions of a gram, since the ink is mostly W-Base and the pigment amounts are often tiny. But that's exactly what makes this kit such a great deal. You will go through many gallons of W-Base before you run out of pigment, so despite the initial investment using this system can end up much cheaper than buying the same volume of pre-mixed ink. If you want to make lots of smaller batches of different colours, or experiment with colours , then this kit is a cost effective and precise way to do it.

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