Hot Split Transfer Paper 100 Sheets

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Hot Split Transfer Paper 100 Sheets

Designed for "hot peel" (hot split) plastisol transfers for an even 60/40 split of the ink film when you peel, and it resists migration of the plasticizers into the paper for better shelf life.

Main Advantages:

  • No curling
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Smooth easy release
  • High ratio of ink transfer 
1. Be sure that your Heat Press is heated to 375 F.
2. Set machine pressure to 45-50 psi (Heavy pressure).
3. Place the garment in the heat press so the area that will receive the transfer in centered.
4. Press the garment for about 2-3 seconds to remove excess moisture.
5. Place the transfer on the garment and press for about 8-10 seconds and peel the transfer sheet off immediately in a smooth fluid motion starting from one corner and peeling to the opposite corner. Do not peel part way and stop and do not allow the garment to cool before peeling.
6. Once the transfer paper has been peeled away you can stack, fold, hang or wear the garment.

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