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Flashback Reflect Neutral Grey Quart

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Flashback Reflect Neutral Grey Quart


General Information 

Flash-Back ink is an easy to use, one-part, plastisol ink that contains millions of light-reflecting microspheres. In daylight the ink appears to be a normal print. In other words, gray ink appears gray, and red ink appears red. However, when a Flash-Back print is exposed to a focused beam of light such as an automobile headlight or a flashlight, it reflects a bright, glittering image back at the light source.

Flash-Back printed garments will provide enhanced visibility for joggers, cyclists, construction workers, and others who work around traffic at night. It is also a great novelty ink for Halloween or any other situation where the shirts will be worn at night in an area where strong beams of light are present.



Flash-Back is transparent so certain ink colors will not show up well on colored or dark garments. The reflective effect is unaffected by garment color.


Use a 110 thread/inch mesh (43 thread/cm). Coarser meshes will reduce the reflective effect.

Mixing Instructions 

Because the microspheres will settle in the container, always stir the inkthoroughly before using.


Flash-Back plastisol inks are supplied ready to print. Do not add viscosity reducers to this ink as the viscosity is already very low. Using additives may reduce the reflective effect.

Special Curing Instructions 

Flash-Back ink will cure when the entire ink film reaches 340º F (171º C). Because of the reflective nature of this ink, it requires a longer curing time and more heat to reach the required temperature than standard plastisols. Flash-Back must be fully cured on the first heating. Re-curing is rarely successful.

Viewing Instructions: Hang a printed garment on a wall in a dark room. Hold a flashlight next to your head, level with your eyes, and shine the light at the print. The Flash-Back effect, which is almost invisible in daylight, will become dramatically apparent.


Clean the screens and squeegees with mineral spirits or any screen wash designed for plastisol inks.


Flash-Back ink has limited washability. While results may vary, a Flash-Back print will lose some reflectivity with each wash cycle. Union Ink manufactures several water-based reflective inks that maintain their reflectivity after many more washing cycles.


Store plastisols at room temperature. Prolonged exposure to high temperature can make the ink start to gel.


Ships from Canada.  The Screen Print Store.ca is Canada's source for screenprint ink, screen print supplies, screenprinting equipment and all your silkscreen needs.




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