V1000 Vastex Manual Screen Printing Press 4 Station 6 Colour

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The V-1000 is the newest Vastex manual garment printer designed to meet the needs of the entry level screen printer. The V-1000 uses the industry's most unique floating head design. Accurate registration can be achieved without the high cost associated with machines of this capacity.
  • VALUE Quality at an entry level price
  • LONG LASTING Steel Pallets w/ rubber tops - interchangeable with the V-2000**
  • ACCURATE Micro-registration
  • PRECISE Holds accurate multicolor printing registration
  • INNOVATIVE Floating Head, 3 point bearing lock allows multiple heads down
  • ADJUSTABLE 6 way head leveling adjustment
  • VERSATILE Available up to 4 table, 6 color (4x6)
  • CAPACITYHolds up to 21" x 28" (51 x 61 cm) screens
  • GUARANTEED3 year warranty on manufacturer's defects

The V1000 Press is a cost-effective way to enable commercial-grade press production at a more affordable cost.  The easy to assemble components combine to make truly the best entry-level rotary textile printers available.  V1000 Engineering Features:  Sturdy construction. Steel Pallets w/soft pallet rubber top. Floating head with three point bearing lock. Multiple heads down feature enabled. Holds up to 21" x 28" screens. High-Strength Rotor Arm Assembly. 15" x 17" standard pallet size. Some assembly required.

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Vastex V1000 Website

Warranty 3 Year
Pallet Materials  Steel w/ rubber tops
Head Lifting Spring  Extension Spring
All Heads Down Via  Floating Head
Micro-registration  Basic
Leveling  Basic
Height Legs to Pallet  34.5"
Height Legs  38.5"
Diameter  94"
Diameter Extended  106"
Max. Screen Width  21"
Max. Screen Width w/ side clamps  n/a
Max. Screen Weight  5.5 lbs
Max. Screen Weight w/ HD Head Upgrade  26 lbs
Maximum Standard Pallet Size  20"x24"
Fits through 33" Door  Yes
Unit Weight  308 lbs
Ship Weight  475lbs or 350lbs
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