Reclaiming Dip Tank 30 Gallon

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A simple, affordable, and durable 30 Gallon Dip Tank. Made from 100% Recycled material. These Heavy Duty Dip Tanks are the best built soaking systems made specifically for the purpose of screen reclaiming.

A dip tank dramatically decreases the amount of chemicals used when cleaning screens. It also saves you tons of time and wasted cleaning chemicals. The cleaning solution inside the tank breaks down the ink and emulsion from the screens. After a screen has soaked for a few minutes, the ink and emulsion will wash right off with ease. Say goodbye to spraying, scrubbing, and wasting chemicals! The life-span of the chemicals inside the dip tank depends on the frequency of use, but in general the chemicals should be replaced approximately every 6 months under very heavy use, or earlier if you notice your screens becoming increasingly difficult to reclaim over time.

Product Overview

•  One Piece Molded Construction
•  Ideal For Use With Emulsion Removers
•  Ideal For Use With 2 n 1 Ink & Emulsion Removers
•  Chemical Resistant
•  Guaranteed Leak Proof
•  Dramatically Reduces Chemical Usage
•  Economical
•  Increases Production
•  Low Maintenance
•  Minimal Space Requirement

Product Details

•  Made From 100% Recycled Material
•  1/4” Polyethylene
•  Accommodates 6 Screens (up to 23x31”)
•  Overall Dimensions: 36” x 16”x 26 1/4”
•  3/4” Threaded Drain
•  Includes ON/OFF Spigot
•  Includes Cover/ Lid
•  Includes Drip Tray
•  Includes Hold Down Bar




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