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Unistretch 9160

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Unistretch 9160 (UNST)

Plastisols with high elongation.


General Information 

Designs printed with Unistretch White and Unistretch Clear exhibit enhanced elongation and resist cracking when the design is stretched beyond normal proportions. Unistretch is available pre-mixed in white or in a clear (UNST-9160) that can be added to any Union plastisol color or overprinted on top of flashed colors to achieve these similar results.  Even though Unistretch Clear can be added to any color, best results are achieved when it is added to the Athletic Gloss, Maxopake or Mixopake series of inks. Unistretch plastisols are especially effective when printed upon extremely stretchy fabrics like Lycra or Spandex.

Opacity & Bleed Resistance

Unistretch White and Unistretch Clear when added to light colored inks such as white, gold or light blue become medium opacity inks.  A white underbase is required if printing on dark fabrics.  See Printing Instructions for more information on printing on dark fabrics.  Unistretch inks are not bleed resistant and adding Unistretch Clear to any low-bleed ink will greatly diminish the bleed resistant characteristics of that particular ink.


For best results use same mesh sizes recommended for the particular ink series in which you have added Unistretch Additive.  Unistretch White may be printed through meshes ranging from 110-230 (43-92 metric).  Coarser mesh counts will give prints a higher ink film strength resulting in better stretch.


Use any direct emulsion or capillary film compatible with plastisol inks.


Mixing Instructions Unistretch Clear

Unistretch Clear may be added to any Union plastisol in any amount.  25% or more is recommended to achieve best results on Lycra/Spandex fabrics.

Printing Instructions

For white or light colored fabrics with Unistretch Clear:

Print using the specifications outlined on the Union Technical Data sheet for the particular ink series in which you have added Unistretch Clear.

For white or light colored fabrics with Unistretch White:

Even though Unistretch White prints well through mesh counts as fine as 230 (92 metric), for best results it is recommended that printers use coarser meshes ranging from 110-140 (43-56 metric) to give prints a higher ink film strength which results in the maximum elasticity of the print.

For printing on dark colored fabrics several options are available:

Print a conventional fast flashing white, flash, and overprint with conventional inks containing the percentage of Unistretch Clear for the desired opacity and stretch.

Print a conventional fast flash white, flash, overprint with conventional inks, flash and overprint with Unistretch Clear.

Add approximately 25% by weight of Unistretch Clear or Unistretch White to a fast flashing white before overprinting with Unistretch colors or custom colors made with Unistretch Clear and Union Toners.

Curing Instructions

Unistretch Clear will not effect the cure time and temperature of any plastisol ink in which it is added.  Check the Technical Data Sheet for curing guidelines for ink series in which Unistretch Clear has been added. Unistretch White will cure when the entire ink film reaches 300° F (149° C).


Clean the screens and squeegees with mineral spirits or any screen wash designed for plastisol inks immediately after finishing print run.


Ships from Canada.  The Screen Print Store.ca is Canada's source for screenprint ink, screen print supplies, screenprinting equipment and all your silkscreen needs.



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