ER-35 Emulsion Remover Quart

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Designed for removal of all photo polymer, diazo and capillary film emulsions. ER/35 is safe on all types of mesh and is drain acceptible to a treatment plant, after soil release, when used as directed.

1. Use concentrated, or can be diluted up to 1 part product to 4 parts water.
2. After removal of ink, block out and tape, apply ER/35to a wet screen (both sides).
3. High pressure water rinse until all emulsion is gone.


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Adam 29th Oct 2017

Fantastic Product

A few splashes of this in my homemade dip tank, a few minutes to soak, and the emulsion melts off like butter with the pressure washer. The higher mesh screens take a few moments more but in the end it works great. I definitely recommend it!

Angela 11th Nov 2016

Not strong Enough for Our Purposes

Tried to use this to remove Diazo emulsion off consumer grade screens as well as more professional metal framed ones. Tried it diluted as directed and then concentrated. Although it removed SOME it did not remove ALL of the emulsion. Next time I'll order the Napalm-strength one. As well, the bottle pictured was not what I got in the mail. It was the correct amount but the bottle I received looked more "home made" with a typed label and non-descript look. Maybe my screens were already "effed up" as I had tried a different remover on them previous to this one. Not sure if that's why this product didn't work that well. In the end I like this company I just think I ordered too mild a product.

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