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Polyester Low Bleed Cosmic White - Quart

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Polyester low-bleed plastisols are Union’s ultimate high-opacity low-bleed plastisols formulated to fight dye migration on the nastiest, bleeding 100% polyester athletic uniforms or other synthetic substrates prone to dye migration. It’s formulated to provide excellent printing characteristics and is designed for both manual and automatic printing.


Polyester low-bleed plastisol inks WILL NOT AIR DRY. They must be heat cured. Ultrasoft inks will fully cure and withstand repeated washings when the entire ink deposit reaches 300 F (149 C). Curing can be accomplished with the use of a conveyer dryer, flash curing unit or simple infrared heater.

Important Note on Curing: Proper curing is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Poor washability of the print can generally be traced back to under-curing of a direct print or over-curing of a heat transfer. For more specific information on plastisol inks, curing, and drying techniques refer to Union Ink's Plastisol General Information Sheet.


Store plastisols at room temperature. Prolonged exposure to high temperature can cause the curing process to begin while the ink is still in the container.


Excellent. Dry cleaning is not recommended. Do not iron imprinted part of garments.

Contact us if you would like a colour chart.

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InkdShirts.ca 28th Sep 2016

Nice Creamy Consistency - Bad Container

The ink looks really nice and bright white, it has an excellent consistency so it will be nice to print with I'm sure. Loosing a star because the container it is shipped in has a terrible lid design; it doesn't close securely and clearly this is known since it was shipped with the lid taped to the tub and tied up in a bag. I'll be ordering my own containers and switching it out.

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