X-Vactor Vacuum Exposure Unit 25"x36"

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Realize the ease, power, versatility, and ultimate contact of X-Vactor Vacuum Exposure Unit & Inspection Table.  A quality affordable vacuum exposure unit. One of the most important factors to an optimal exposure is very positive contact between the glass, film, and screen. While this can be done manually with compression using weight and foam, a vacuum efficiently extracts all air between the screen frame, film, and glass to insure an extremely close positive contact. Not only is positive contact easily achieved, but the screen remains light safe under the black neoprene blanket. Add to the vacuum blanket a digital timer, two light safe inspection bulbs, and this unit is as user and time friendly as they come.

With 240 watts of high powered UV light the X-Vactor is one of the most powerful fluorescent style exposure units on the market. This unit will expose most dual cure emulsions in approximately 3 minutes and photopolymer emulsions in under a minute.

  • Extremely flexible and durable neoprene vacuum blanket.
  • Heavy duty gas shocks for easy open and close access.
  • Adjustable vacuum lid clamps.
  • Optically clear extremely strong tempered glass.
  • Sturdy T6 extremely strong aluminum construction.
  • Oil free vacuum pump is quiet and powerful.
  • Includes nylon rope to allow air movement between blanket & frame.
  • UL Certified Electrical Components
  • 3 Year limited warranty (excludes blanket, glass, & bulbs)

Includes an Analog Timer
The X-Vactor includes a highly accurate electronic analog timer. Its lit with LED's and is very easy to use. You have the option to upgrade to a digital timer for only $100.

Digital Timer (UPGRADE OPTION)
The programmable digital timer upgrade option enables you to pinpoint and adjust specific exposure times around your parameters and needs. With accuracy to the the tenth of second, the timer automatically shuts down the light after exposure.

Control Panel
The X-Vactor control panel has 4 easy to use key functions.

  • Time Adjustment
  • Timer On/Off
  • Vacuum Blanket On/Off
  • Light Safe Inspection Bulbs On/Off

These 4 controls allow you to easily operate your exposure unit for accurate multi facet use.

Two functions, one unit! Two light safe inspection bulbs located on either end of the exposure glass provide bright 100% UV blocked yellow light throughout the glass. This allows your exposure unit to double as a film and screen inspection table. Touchup or splice films, insure proper image alignment on your screen, and inspect for pinholes without having to strain to see what you are doing or worrying about light contamination. Standard light tables this size run upwards of $400 so by combining light safe bulbs with the X-Vactor you've doubled your function and saved money!






Overall Dimensions 44"(L) x 32"(W) x 10"(H)
Shipping Dimensions 40"(W)x50"(L)x12"(H) 150lbs
Optical Clear Tempered Glass 31x38"
Max Exposure Area 23x33"
Max Frame Size OD 25x36" (23x31" Recommended)
Vacuum Blanket Size 31x38"
UV Fluorescent Bulbs 8 F30 T8 370 bl
Light Safe Inspection Bulbs 2
UV Wattage 240 Watts
Timer Analog (1 Sec. increments)
Voltage 115v
Amps 8 amps
Weight 95 lbs
Ship Weight 150 lbs

Bulbs: Exposure unit bulbs are like tanning bed bulbs, they will slowly loose UV output as they are used. This can be compensated by slightly increasing your exposure time as the bulbs dim.




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