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This is a series of plastisol inks formulated to provide gloss finish opaque prints with high deposits and excellent elasticity. These inks are recommended primarily for printing large numbers, letters and designs on cotton and cotton/poly athletic garments as well as Nylon Mesh Jerseys. The PATH Series is excellent for printing on many of the new stretch fabrics used in active-wear (bathing suits, cycling suits, dance-wear, etc.) such as Lycra/Spandex, etc., where great elasticity and toughness is required.


In general PATH Series Inks should be printed straight from the can through a coarse mesh screen in order to leave a thick deposit of ink. Printing on a soft surface such as a silicone rubber pad on the shirt board will help leave a thicker deposit of ink. Two or three strokes may be necessary to drive the ink into the garment and still leave a thicker film on top.


Plastisol inks WILL NOT AIR DRY. They must be heat cured. These inks will withstand repeated washings when fully cured (the entire ink deposit must reach 300°F (149°C). Curing can be accomplished with the use of a conveyor dryer, flash curing unit, or simple infrared heater. While the PATH Series will cure at the normal temperature of 300°F (149°C), because of the heavy deposit of ink which is usually printed to achieve the thick strong film required, longer oven times and possibly higher temperatures may be required to insure the entire ink film is fully cured. One way to insure adequate cure is to adjust the oven so that the 290°F segment of a temperature strip placed under the print inside a regular weight T-shirt turns totally black.

Important Note on Curing

Proper curing is extremely important. Poor washability of the print can generally be traced back to under-curing! It is important to understand how to set your dryer and check the temperature you are achieving at the ink surface. For more specific information on plastisol inks and curing and drying techniques refer to the Union Ink Plastisol General Information Sheet.


The PATH ATHLETIC gloss plastisols are supplied Ready-for-Use. If necessary, reduce with small amounts of PLUS-9000 Reducer/ Detackifier. Reduction with Mineral Spirits is not advisable, as this may cause viscosity to escalate. Always, stir well to break down false body and determine actual working viscosity prior to adding reducer.


Coarse meshes, for instance 62T (24 metric) monofilament or 4XX multifilament are recommended.


For maximum deposit, rounded or beveled, medium durometer squeegees are recommended.


Direct Emulsion stencils such as UNION INK's INMARCOL-R or INMARCOL-W are recommended.


Store plastisols at room temperature. Prolonged exposure to high temperature can cause the gelation reaction to start.


Mineral Spirits or biodegradable WASH-9900 Skreen Kleen.


Excellent. Do not dry clean. Imprinted parts of garments should not be ironed.


ALWAYS PRE-TEST FOR FULL CURE, ADHESION, CROCKING, OPACITY, WASHABILITY AND OTHER SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS. PATH Metallics should be washed in cool water with mild soap to preserve brilliance of finish.


While Union Ink Company believes that the data contained herein are factual and the opinions expressed are those of qualified experts regarding the results of the tests conducted, the data are not to be taken as a warranty or representation for which Union Ink Company assumes legal responsibility. They are offered solely for your consideration, investigation, and verification. Pretest inks on surfaces to be printed.

Available In:

PATH-1000 White
PATH-1500 Grey
PATH-2010 Lemon Yellow
PATH-2040 Golden Yellow
PATH-2050 Orange
PATH-3010 Scarlet Red
PATH-3014 S.G. Scarlet Red
PATH-3015 Cardinal Red
PATH-3030 Maroon
PATH-4010 Magenta
PATH-4020 Deep Purple
PATH-5002 S.G. Aqua
PATH-5036 Royal Blue
PATH-5044 S.G. Navy Blue
PATH-6020 Chrome Green
PATH-6090 S.G. Kelly Green
PATH-8000 Black
PATH-M120 MetallicSilver
PATH-M128 Washable Silver

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