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Union Ink 3D High Square Series (3DSQ)

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Hi-Square Plastisol

Produces Extremely Sharp Three-Dimensional Prints


General Information

Hi-Square ink, when printed correctly, will produce a print with an extraordinarily thick ink layer that retains sharp edges and crisp, highly detailed definition even after curing. The colors in this series are based on the standard Mix-Opake colors. This is not a puff ink.

For satisfactory results with this ink the screen printer must use them in combination with a correctly prepared screen and a carefully adjusted printing technique.


Hi-Square ink is opaque.


Use 60 thread per inch (24 threads per centimeter) monofiliment polyester mesh. For best results the mesh should be tensioned to at least 24 newtons per centimeter.


To achieve the desired three-dimensional effect this ink must be printed through direct capillary stencils that are at least 400 microns thick. Stencils of 400-700 microns are recommended. (Contact Union Ink for stencil film recommendations).


The use of additives or reducers is not generally recommended with this ink. Occasionally, in order to obtain a sharper print, a very small amount (1-2%) of Viscosity Reducer (PLUS-9000) may be added.

Printing Instructions

Use a sharp 75-80 durometer squeegee. The squeegee angle and pressure must be adjusted so the ink prints a clean, sharp image but is not pushed into the fabric being printed on. Use a slow speed both on the flood and print strokes. The off-contact distance should be as small as possible. Adjust the speed and angle of screen lift so that the screen peels away from the print immediately behind the squeegee on the print stroke. Correct adjustment of this variable is crucial for producing a crisp sharp print with a minimum of ink retained on the mesh.

We recommend that these inks be printed last in the color sequence. If this is not possible they should be flash-cured before the next color is printed to maintain the three-dimensional effect.

Curing Instructions

Plastisol inks will not air dry. They must be heat cured. These inks will fully cure and withstand repeated washings when the entire ink deposit reaches 320° F (160° C). Proper curing is extremely important. Poor washability of the print can generally be traced back to under-curing!


Clean the screens and squeegees with mineral spirits or any screen wash designed for plastisol inks.


Excellent. Do not dry clean. Do not iron printed areas.


Store plastisols at room temperature. Prolonged exposure to high temperature can make the ink start to gel.

Caution: Always test this product for curing, adhesion, crocking, opacity, washability and other specific requirements before using in production.

Rev. 6/98


Available In:

3DSQ-1000 White 1G
3DSQ-2042 Yellow R/S 1G
3DSQ-3002 Red Y/S 1G
3DSQ-4001 Magenta 1G
3DSQ-5003 Blue R/S 1G
3DSQ-6002 Green 1G

3DSQ-8000 Black 1G

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