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Plastisol Toners (PRPL) 1 Gallon

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PLASTISOL TONERS (Series TOPL) are pure concentrated pigments ground into a plastisol-compatible dispersing medium. They do not contain any inerts, fillers, or bulking agents. They are used for color matching and shading as well as to brighten or intensify colors.

Union Ink Plastisol Toner Series TOPL are formulated for use in Plastisol Inks only. They are very strong and in most cases one teaspoon of toner to one quart of plastisol white will produce good pastel shades. The addition of one or two ounces of red toner to a gallon of clear would give a very satisfactory (but transparent) printing red plastisol.

Keeping an inventory of the concentrated Plastisol Toners and a supply of basic or primary plastisol colors will allow the screen printer to be able to mix a wide variety of colors and still only inventory a minimum amount of ink. Instead of having to keep a primrose, a lemon and a chrome yellow in stock, for instance, one could keep a primrose yellow and add orange or red toner to the primrose yellow to get lemon and still more orange or red to get the chrome yellow.


A basic knowledge of primary colors which, when mixed produce secondary colors, is helpful when determining the specific toner color and ink to use. When primary colors are mixed the following colors are obtained:
Yellow + Red = Orange
Yellow + Blue = Green
Red + Blue = Purple
Yellow + Red + Blue = Brown

White added to colors produces pastel shades and black will "mute" colors.

The Toners are heavy pastes. One teaspoon of Toner in one gallon of ink can take forever to disperse well. Therefore, it is recommended that the toner be put into a smaller cup or on a slab and some Plastisol Color added to it mixing well until the viscosity is such that it can be easily mixed into the gallon.

Union Ink Toners TOPL are available in one pound cans. For color range please consult price list.

Up to 20% of toner can safely be added to plastisol.


Plastisol toners have no drying characteristics and if added in too great a quantity can destroy the balance of the plastisol ink and prevent proper curing.


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