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Hi-Gloss Gel Clear PLFX 9040 1 Gallon

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Hi-Gloss Gel Clear (PLFX-9040) 1 Gallon


General Information

Hi-Gloss Gel Clear (PLFX-9040) is an improved, specially formulated clear for creating thick and glossy, wet look prints.  It can be applied directly on garments or over under base, flashed colors. Finished prints made using Union’s Hi-Gloss Gel Clear (PLFX-9040) have more gloss and better clarity compared to competitive products or Union’s own PLFX-9036 (which is slightly less expensive).  Hi-Gloss Gel Clear is crystal clear and does not shear down during the print run, but will maintain a constant viscosity from start to finish.


For best results use mesh counts in the 83 range (32 metric) tensioned to your mesh manufacturer’s tensioning guidelines.


For best results apply capillary films in the 250-400 micron range.  The same techniques used in making stencils for high density printing apply to Hi-Gloss Gel Clear. Avoid using water-resistant capillary films or emulsions, as they can react with the components used to manufacture Hi-Gloss Gel Clear and cause the ink to lock-up and clog the mesh openings.  Any solvent resistant capillary films will be acceptable. For optimum results, ensure that all screens are properly exposed according to your capillary film manufacturer’s exposure guidelines.


Hi Gloss Gel Clear can be tinted with toners (TOPL series) to the desired shade of color.  However, adding toners could affect the glossiness of the finished product.


None recommended, use Hi Gloss Gel Clear directly from the container.  Any reduction of this product by adding reducers or extenders will affect the intended look.

Curing Instructions

Hi Gloss Gel Clear will fully cure and withstand repeated washings when the entire ink deposit reaches 320° F (160° C).  Because ink is tacky when hot, do not allow garments to fall into a box unattended at the end of the dryer.


Clean the screens and squeegees with mineral spirits or any screen wash designed for plastisol inks.


Excellent. Do not dry clean. Do not iron printed areas.


Ships from Canada.  The Screen Print Store.ca is Canada's source for screenprint ink, screen print supplies, screenprinting equipment and all your silkscreen needs.


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